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Moinian taps Winick to market massive Fifth Avenue flagship space

May 16, 2012 09:30AM

Even as more retailers appear to be downsizing, Joseph Moinian is working to combine 84,000 square feet of Retail Space On A Full Fifth Avenue block. The New York Post reported that the Moinian Group head is unifying the retail space in the ground floor of the office building at 535-545 Fifth Avenue, between East 44th and East 45th streets. Once complete, the entire space will feature a selling lower level, a ground floor, second floor and mezzanine area spanning the entire 200 feet of frontage along lower Fifth Avenue, where retail rents grew 47 percent last quarter.

Moinian tapped a Winick Realty Group team led by CEO Jeff Winick to market the space.

Aware of the lessening appeal of huge retail spaces, Winick has already forged a plan to split the space if Moinian’s plan backfires. It would be split into a 30,000-square-foot space at the 45th Street corner with 225 feet of wrap-around frontage, an 8,700-square-foot triplex at the middle of the block, and 45,000 square feet of space at the southern corner. [Post, 1st item]

  • ann

    Isn’t Jeff Winick in trouble with the Department of State regarding the Duane Reade kickback scheme? How can these guys break the law and still pay no price? When will DOS clean out and throw out the trash?

  • ann

    the guy who set up the kickback scheme walks free but the guy who accepts the bribes from winick goes to jail? two three years? send winick and others like him to prison and soon so we can clean out the industry. things need to change