Tax breaks for condo owners who rent units could end, pair of famed hedge funders are burned by Ally’s ResCap … and more

May 18, 2012 08:00AM

1. Need a luxury shower for your luxury apartment? Try this $35,000 horizontal shower [NYDN]
2. Just because you rent out your condo, doesn’t mean you can’t use the building’s pool and gym [NYT]
3. Meanwhile, Albany moves to end property tax rebate for apartment owners who rent out their units [Post]
4. Details on the renovation of St. Brigid’s church in the East Village [EV Grieve]
5. Two hours from the city, Poconos offers low-priced newly built homes [NYDN]
6. What you need to know about buying an income-restricted apartment [NYT]
7. Billionaire hedge funder Paul Singer gets hit hard twice by Ally’s ResCap bankruptcy [Post]
8. Singer had company: Warren Buffett’s attempt to buy ResCap just before bankruptcy was rejected [Bloomberg]
9. U.S. senior centers increasingly allow pets [AP]
10. Serially reinvented Downtown Brooklyn’s latest rendition has become a residential paradise [NYT]
11. Rybolovlev’s wife adds their daughter to lawsuit over his $88M 15CPW purchase [Bloomberg]
12. Chelsea furniture show features materials restored from NYC’s past, including Coney Island boardwalk [NYT]
13. Queens doesn’t have enough landmarks, but expanding district could jeopardize cash-poor homeowners [NYDN]
14. Construction worker dies at 450 Broome Street in Soho [Post]
15. The history of the oft-overlooked Con Edison Powerhouse On East 74th Street [NYT]
16. Despite being denied a liquor license, controversial strip club will open in LIC [NYDN]
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18. In advance of Bronx move, FreshDirect to deliver to entire borough and accept food stamp payment online [NYDN]
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