The Real Deal New York

Manhattan’s northern limit: Washington Heights and Inwood finally see activity surge after lull

By Melissa Dehncke-McGill | May 22, 2012 10:30AM

From the May issue: In the last few years, the part of Northern Manhattan that’s received the most press ink has, of course, been Harlem. But there’s an entire residential market farther north in Washington Heights and Inwood that often gets overlooked by the New York real estate community.

This month, The Real Deal talked to brokers and market analysts who follow what’s going on in the two adjacent neighborhoods. What we found is that the area has seen a recent surge in sales activity, some of which is a result of the major drop it saw after the crash, which lasted longer than it did in some other Manhattan neighborhoods. In addition, prices there are also starting to creep up because inventory has started to tighten. [more]