Another UES hospital plans oversized facility

June 04, 2012 12:30PM

The Hospital for Special Surgery is the latest hospital with expansion plans on the Upper East Side as it hopes to build a 13-story ambulatory care facility three blocks away from its 535 East 70th Street building, DNAinfo reported. The building would span from 515-523 East 73rd Street through the block to 512-518 East 74th Street.

The plans are in the nascent stages of the public approval process, as the building would be bigger than zoning allows. The hospital would require more space allowed per floor and a greater number of parking spaces, though specific numbers were not mentioned.

Businesses that currently operate in these locations, which the hospital owns, weren’t aware of the hospital’s plans.

As previously reported, Memorial Sloan-Kettering proposed a controversial 172,000-square-foot expansion on 61st Street. In addition, the Hospital for Special Surgery added five new stories on top of Its Main Building And Recently Opened A Pain Management Outpatient Center On East 75th Street. [DNAinfo]