Harlem’s 125th Street can’t catch a break

June 04, 2012 11:30AM

Over the past five years a series of Development Projects Slated For The 125th Street corridor in Harlem have failed to take shape, Crain’s reported.

Most recently, the city began searching for a developer for a 363,000-square-foot retail, office and cultural complex just down from the Apollo Theater, at Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 125th Street. But residents and local politicians remain skeptical about the area’s transformation, as the arrival of everything from former President Bill Clinton’s office to a trendy retailer H&M have failed to turn Harlem’s main strip.

Today, a number of vacant lots remain, Crain’s said.

“The 125th Street corridor can’t see its full potential if the majority of the lots are still vacant,” Paimaan Lodhi, district manager of Community Board 10, told the magazine. [Crain’s]