Veterans battle CBS over Sunset Park properties

June 13, 2012 12:30PM

A derelict Sunset Park property owned by corporate mammoth CBS is allegedly inflicting costly damage on a Veterans of Foreign War hall next door. The New York Daily news reported that the veterans at the VFW have filed a $5 million lawsuit against the broadcasting giant, claiming the company’s neglect of its building, which it uses solely to display billboards visible from the Gowanus Expressway, has damaged their 804 Third Avenue property.

The lawsuit alleges that CBS’ building leaks have already caused the VFW $100,000 in repair costs over the past five years, which include fixes to warped walls, water damage, roof problems and termites. In addition, according to the News, CBS has threatened to stop paying the VFW monthly air rights fees, needed to display the billboards, of $1,100 per month.

CBS Outdoor, the department in charge of company billboards, told the News late last week that they have not yet seen the group’s lawsuit. “We have the utmost respect for our neighbors,” a company statement said. “We have not been served with any lawsuit, but this seems to be a property dispute between neighbors.”

But the VFW claims CBS “keeps stepping on” it, and therefore had to resort to legal action. [NYDN]