Change to surfing laws boosts Rockaway Beach real estate

June 29, 2012 01:30PM

The resurgance of Rockaway Beach over the last few years can largely be attributed to the city lifting the ban on surfing on sections of the beach, according to the Wall Street Journal. While the influx of new business and restaurants had begun several years prior, customers weren’t patronizing them in droves until the city designated the areas between Beach 67th and Beach 69th streets and between Beach 87th and Beach 92nd streets as year-round surfing spots.

What followed was an increased interst in residential properties in the area, according to brokers. The four condominium projects that have risen between Beach 92nd and Beach 102nd streets in the last 10 years are finally beginning to fill up.

Now, the blocks near the intersection of Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 92nd Street are flooded with visitors and residents patronizing Rockaway Taco and other new business. Further, the city gave control of several concession booths to popular restaurateurs that have brought outposts of Caracas Arepa Bar and Rippers, which is a joint venture between Brooklyn’s Meat Hook and Roberta’s. [WSJ]