City spars with Triangle Equities, delaying $35M Bronx development, lesbian couple says landlord won’t recognize marriage … and more

July 06, 2012 08:00AM

1. $35M South Bronx development delayed indefinitely, as city and developer, Triangle Equities, spar [NYDN]
2. Lesbian couple sues after landlord refuses to add wife’s name to lease [NYDN]
3. Oversized mansion does not go over well in Martha’s Vineyard [WSJ]
4. Murray Hill home returns to market for $4.2M [NYO]
5. After wedding, more and more couples resist commingling assets for mortgage reasons [NYT]
6. Socrates Sculpture Park celebrates 25 years in Long Island City [DNA]
7. Connecticut homes linger on market, imperiling seniors and their finances [NYT]
8. A 150-acre estate in Fiji for $14M [WSJ]
9. Aspiring entrepreneurs forced to live in tech tenements [NYT]