Queens couple allegedly scares away buyers to nab neighbor’s property for cheap

July 09, 2012 02:00PM

A real estate feud is brewing on an Ozone Park, Queens block. The New York Post reported that a couple, Guido and Milagros Florentin, has been sued by their neighbors Charles and Karen Neglia, for allegedly scaring away potential buyers of the Neglias’ home, which has been on the market in April. The Neglias say the Florentins are using this ploy in an effort to purchase the home themselves for less than its original $317,000 asking price.

According to the lawsuit, Guido offered to purchase the neighboring home for less than half its asking price right when the home hit the market. When the Neglias refused the offer, they allege the harassment began. Florentin allegedly staked out the house and told visiting brokers and interested buyers that the family who lives there is “dirty,” and that their place is “falling apart, needs a lot of work and [is] old.” To make matters worse, the lawsuit claims, Guido also damaged the Neglias’ vinyl siding with tar.

The Neglias’ suit seeks $1 million in damages.

The asking price has undergone a few price drops since April — the most recent on June 20 to $235,000.

Milagros Florentin declined to comment on the suit. [Post]