Wythe Hotel brings Williamsburg nightlife on par with Manhattan’s

July 19, 2012 11:30AM

The Wythe Hotel has finalized the demographic transformation of Williamsburg into Manhattan, at least in terms of nightlife and tourism. Along Wythe Avenue a new crop of even more upscale locally and artisanally crafted foods, as well as other amenities, have sprung up in the shadow of the hotel, which opened in May, the New York Times reported.

The most recent hordes to descend on Williamsburg include foreign tourists, who are now willing to schlep from their usual hangouts in Manhattan all the way to far-flung Wythe and North 11th Street, the Times said.

“In order for people to show up, these new developments had to create a fresh energy and feeling of community over there,” near the Wythe, Matt Kliegman, who runs the Jane Hotel Ballroom in Manhattan, told the Times. “I think they’ve accomplished that.” [WSJ]