Property bargains to be had throughout U.S., says Donald Trump: VIDEO

July 24, 2012 02:00PM

While the housing markets in several U.S. cities such as New York have rebounded, there are still bargains to be had for house hunters all over the country, said real estate mogul Donald Trump in an interview this morning on CNBC (see video above).

“It’s great time to buy,” Trump said. “I believe strongly prices are going to be going up. They were up a little [in the second quarter] but I really believe they’re going to be going up substantially.”

The best way to buy, Trump added, is from a bank, since many banks are dying to get foreclosed homes off their books.

“I see people going out and really sort of stealing houses [that way],” he said.

Trump also took the opportunity to plug fellow Republican Mitt Romney, who he said would help the housing market if he is elected President.