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Firms pour time and capital into revamping websites, but grapple with how to quantify results
By Leigh Kamping-Carder | August 01, 2012 10:30AM

From the August issue: This month, the Manhattan-based franchise of Keller Williams is set to launch a beta version of a new website that, for the first time, will connect its site to the vast online network of the national firm. Founded by Ilan Bracha, Keller Williams NYC had been the only one of the firm’s 700 offices to have a completely separate website, said Keller Williams NYC chief operating officer Zhann Jochinke.

The old site — designed with a more Manhattan-friendly aesthetic and dominated by large photographs — had worked for about 15 months, he said. But now Keller Williams NYC is aiming to tap into the highly trafficked site of its Texas-based franchisor, as well as take advantage of the firm’s 50-person technology team, he said. [more]