New renderings of 1 WTC revealed: PHOTOS

August 07, 2012 01:30PM

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The Port Authority and the Durst Organization released 13 new renderings of 1 World Trade Center. The renderings incorporate recent modifications to the design, but a joint press statement doesn’t say what the changes include.

As previously reported, small changes to the design of the tower will make the final product look different from the design unveiled in 2006. For example, the tower’s base will be covered in 13-foot vertical glass fins, not prismatic glass, and the mast atop the roof will be exposed, not sheathed in fiberglass panels. Douglas Durst has said the changes were not made in a money-saving effort.

The 3 million square-foot office tower will rise 1,776 feet to the top of its spire, and is slated for completion in early 2014. Condé Nast has leased roughly 1.2 million square feet on 25 of the building’s floors. Most recently, the General Services Administration leased 270,000 square feet of space in the building — bringing 1 WTC occupancy to 55 percent. — Zachary Kussin

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