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Chelsea Market expansion’s supporters say most New Yorkers endorse project

August 14, 2012 11:00AM

A poll by the Chelsea Market Coalition shows that roughly half of New Yorkers support the market’s expansion, and that number jumps to 8 out of 10 when they are read a short description of the project, the New York Observer reported.

Of residents in all five boroughs, 49 percent supported the project before being told what the expansion would entail — about 300,000 feet of new retail, commercial and residential space — and 15 percent opposed it. Meanwhile, 77 percent supported the plan after being told about it, the Observer said.

Jamestown Properties’ development has already been forced to make a number of compromises, scrapping plans to build a hotel as part of the project. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has said he will veto the proposed additions to the Chelsea Market, at Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th streets, unless the project is significantly reduced in scope.

The Midtown South office leasing market, which includes Chelsea, is the tightest in the nation. [NYO]

  • IvoShandor

    Really? nobody asked me.

  • nickinchelsea

    So you pay for a poll, and the the vast majority of the people the pollsters ask, don’t live in the neighborhood, barely have even heard of the project, don’t know the truth about it the developer’s motives (purely a land/cash grab that they will flip in 7 years), and really have no reason to care very much one way or the other. Why didn’t they just poll people who live in Philadelphia or Chicago? There is an an online petition at that shows 1334 signers are opposed, there is a physical petition taken outside of Chelsea Market got over 2000 signers. These numbers are already over 5 times the number of individuals “selected” to answer this new poll (the last one they paid for was debunked as a sham). Why the big dance? Why not just be honest for once and say “We are buying this thing, You schmucks in the Chelsea don’t get a voice in this (even though this requires a change in our zoning from “OUR” Community Board) – and save us all a lot of time and effort. You look silly trying to pretend this is all a fair process, when you pay for your own polls, to insure they go your way!