Rabbi Pinto involved in fraud allegations again, how a Massey Knakal broker benefits from surveying the Village 200 hours a year … and more

August 14, 2012 05:00PM

1. Home explosion on Long Island kills 18-month-old boy, injures 14 others [Post]
2. Rabbi Pinto-controlled charity comes under fire for alleged fraud against Holocaust survivors [Ha’Aretz via Failed Messiah]
3. Imagining a rezoned (and sky-scraping) Midtown East [Curbed]
4. BP said to be seeking nearly $8B for sale of Gulf of Mexico oilfields [Bloomberg]
5. CWM New York partner talks about bringing London-based retail brokerage to NYC [NYO]
6. How a Massey Knakal broker benefits from surveying the Village 200 hours a year [REW]
7. Burglar allegedly steals computers and personal items from the home of the late Steve Jobs [CNBC]
8. 73.8 of new and existing homes sold in the second quarter were affordable to U.S. families who earn median income — down from 77.5 percent record [Twitter]
9. Brooklyn: officially hip, as reported by USA Today [NYT]
10. But the city as a whole takes last place in another list of the nation’s 10 “hippest” cities [Forbes via Yahoo]
11. Think some sidewalk chalk art won’t get you in trouble for vandalism with the police? Think again [Mother Jones]
12. Today marks 75th anniversary of completion of the Appalachian Trail, though the trail is never actually finished [AP via HuffPo]
13. Developer Elie Hirschfeld finishes 2012 Ironman U.S. Championship in just over 14 hours [PR Newswire]
14. College Station, TX shooter was driven to killings by eviction notice [Gawker]
15. Citi Habitats President Gary Malin offers advice for living with roommates [AOL]