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Spunky Southhamptoner fights supersized homes

August 17, 2012 01:30PM

Long-time resident of Southampton Village and Stanford law graduate, Evelyn Konrad, 83, is taking her wealthy neighbors to court over their super-sized McMansions, the New York Daily Post reported. The suit alleges that Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley revised the local zoning codes after his 2005 election to allow huge houses on small lots, as a favor to His Wall Street tycoon comrades – the suit also names Lone Star Funds CEO Donald Quintin and Manhattan attorney Denis Guerin.

Konrad demands a jury trial and has vowed to argue the case herself. She has already spent approximately $100,000 of her own savings on the case, despite acknowledging her odds of winning are slim.  “I wouldn’t hire any local lawyers, because they have all gotten fat off of these projects over the years,” Konrad told the Post. She has owned a 2,200-square-foot home in the area since 1984.

“This isn’t a class-warfare thing,” Konrad said. “This is a legal issue, that’s it. The people on the board of trustees that approved this zoning code owned homes in the area, they were real estate agents. These were clear conflicts of interest.” [Post]Christopher Cameron