Beep Markowitz: Forget Miami Beach; retire to Downtown Brooklyn

August 23, 2012 09:00AM

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has long pushed for a new generation of tech engineers to descend upon Downtown Brooklyn but now he’s adding retirees to his list of desired new residents. Markowitz, 67, is pushing for the city to offer tax breaks to developers of elderly housing in the neighborhood.

“When you move to Miami, you’re vegging out,” said Markowitz. “Brooklyn keeps you stimulated, and that keeps you younger.”

With a network of good public transportation in place, improved pedestrian amenities, a growing retail scene and a bevy of cultural institutions the area would seem ripe for senior citizens.

But the biggest impediment to the neighborhood, which has a median age of 35.7, is the lack of low-cost housing built with seniors in mind, according to Will Stoner, an associate state director for AARP. Stoner said some improvements would also be needed at local subway stations. [Brooklyn Paper] — Adam Fusfeld