City real estate leaders worry next mayor won’t be as business-friendly as Bloomberg

September 24, 2012 01:00PM

As Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s third term wraps up, many city real estate and finance leaders worry that they won’t find such a business-friendly mayor come 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Bloomberg’s three terms has brought the city projects like new Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, and fended off City Council legislation like the so-called living wage bill, which business groups opposed. “There is no question people are concerned they are losing Mike Bloomberg. They understand who he is. They have tremendous respect for him,” REBNY president Steve Spinola told the Journal. “We are going to have somebody new on Jan. 1, 2014, and, so, that troubles them.”

The leading contenders for the Democratic nomination are all more traditional politicians, individuals with strong labor ties and more populist politics. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has had a strong alliance with Bloomberg over the years, and is expected to earn the Mayor’s endorsement, but she disappointed some business interests with her recent support of the so-called living-wage bill. [WSJ]