Will Roosevelt Island power plant yield a tech, art and science museum?

September 24, 2012 11:00AM

Architect Tad Sudol has a vision for the still-functional, four-story power plant on Roosevelt Island: a museum of technology, art and science, DNAinfo reported. Despite Sudol’s re-imaging of the space, the power plant still provides power to two hospitals on the island, one of which will be replaced by Cornell-Technion, and officials have not announced any plans to shutter the facility.

“It’s not going to close imminently,” Sudol, a Roosevelt Island resident, told DNAinfo, “but I can try to plant the seeds now with the people making the decisions.”

Sudol’s vision is now on display at the Roosevelt Island Artists Association. The architect said he did not know the cost of the facility’s conversion, if it is to actually pass through the approval process, or where he would source the funding.

Officials from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, the entity that maintains and manages Roosevelt Island operations, did not offer DNAinfo a comment on Sudol’s idea; since the plant is still in use, it’s too early, they said. [DNAinfo]