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‘Sushi defense’ successful, as judge rules that East Village tenant can keep rent-stabilized unit

October 03, 2012 02:00PM

Eat your heart out, Twinkie defense. An East Village tenant has escaped eviction, explaining her rent-controlled apartment uses less electricity than average because she eats a lot of sushi, the New York Daily News reported. Her successful “sushi defense,” means she can keep her rent-stabilized $992-a-month studio at 409 East Sixth Street, a state appellate judge ruled yesterday.

Rent-stabilized tenants who are found to spend less than 50 percent of their time at other residences can be evicted, the News said. The landlord at tenant Masako Mogi’s building contended that she lives in a Westminster, Vt. home because of her decreased electricity use and the fact that the majority of her bank transactions were in Vermont.

Mogi’s lawyer explained that her partner, with whom she shares accounts, lives in Vermont full-time. [NYDN] Guelda Voien

  • IvoShandor

    shame on the court

  • KaKaw

    nobody wants goliath to win, even though they’re right. the judges are catering to the mass. only thing is, they’re not kosher.

  • ann

    I say good for her!! at least she has an affordable place to live. The address is not that great and I can bet you its a walkup. $990 for a walk up apt is a reasonable rent. I know of buildings where some rents are less than that. If we do not make living in this city more affordable we will have a ghost town very soon. Its become so unaffordable to live in this city that five of my neighbors have moved to other states making similar salaries. One bought a four bed 3.5 bath home on an acre for $475K. At least they have a chance to breathe instead of living in a box on top of each other living pay check to paycheck and not knowing when they would lose their jobs. Things have got to change.