Seeking mortgage relief, Brooklyn homeowners vie to have ads painted on their homes

October 11, 2012 09:30AM

Advertisers have hatched an unusual plan that is taking Brooklyn by storm. Currently 149 Brooklyn residents —largely in Canarsie, East Flatbush and Bedford-Stuyvesant —are competing to have bold orange and green advertisements painted on their homes in an attempt to pay off their mortgages, the New York Daily News reported.

The marketing firm Brainiacs From Mars came up with the plan to pay off a homeowners mortgage for up to one year in exchange for transforming their house into a billboard.

And while the campaign is operating nationwide, interest stemming from Brooklyn has been pronounced.

“That’s an unusually high concentration of contenders,” Romeo Mendoza of Brainiacs From Mars, said. “It shows that people are really struggling.” Mendoza added that the only regions of the country with similar numbers of applications are in areas like Reno and Las Vegas — cities with high foreclosure rates.

Some 3,000 homeowners from across the country will be chosen based on how compelling their stories are, according to Mendoza. Painting begins January. [NYDN] — Christopher Cameron