Video pitches the One57 lifestyle

October 18, 2012 10:00AM

A film produced by the marketing team at One57 is helping the building rake in as much money as any Hollywood blockbuster, according to the New York Post. The short film promotional film shown to Extell Development’s prospective buyers begins with the completed building emerging from water.

According to the Post, as water shoots up into the air, forming the blue-glass building, intercuts of a beautiful evening-dressed woman are shown. The woman is seen strolling through a massive apartment with a view of Central Park and in another cut she goes down the elevator from the 90th floor to get into an awaiting black sedan.

“We have this contextual model,” Dan Tubb, One57’s director of sales, said. “This shows how the location defines the lifestyle.”

As The Real Deal previously reported, Gary Barnett’s One57 has already done more than $1 billion in sales since it began marketing and it made $300 million just this sumer, becoming somewhat of a “billionaire’s club.” [NYP]Christopher Cameron