Having trouble selling? Maybe your neighbor’s house is haunted, scaling Walker Tower … and more

October 22, 2012 08:00AM

1. Having trouble selling your home? Maybe it’s because your neighbor’s house is haunted: America’s 10 most haunted houses [NBC]
2. Calif. mansion asks $79M, making it America’s 16th most expensive listing [Daily Mail]
3. A guide to scaling Walker Tower [Curbed]
4. As Baby Boomers downsize, will they leave too many McMansions on the market? [WSJ]
5. $1.5B in spending on city park projects means profits for designers [Crain’s]
6. LES residents “hold breath” that historic building doesn’t go luxury condo [NYP]
7. The middle class cannot afford their homes: study [NYP]
8. Movie set housing doesn’t necessarily command higher prices: video [NY1]
9. A look at the changing face of Staten Island’s North Shore [Crain’s]
10. Following controversy, NYCHA installs “crime cameras” [NYDN]
11. Three years after a fire leveled a shopping center in Norwood, shops finally rise again [Crain’s]
12. New luxury condo opens near the Los Angeles Country Club [LA Times]
13. Credit union mortgage tax upheld by New York courts [NYT]
14. REBNY president says NYC job market is looking up: video [Globe St.]