Corcoran Group’s new website set to be more social, mobile-friendly

October 31, 2012 02:00PM

The Corcoran Group’s new website, set to launch in the next few months, will be much more mobile device-friendly and will engage on a social level with prospective buyers and renters, Corcoran President Pam Liebman told the New York Times. In addition to showing pictures of the apartments on offer, it will show comments by agents on what’s happening in the neighborhoods in which those apartments are located.

The company will offer a “find” tool as opposed to a search tool, Liebman said, comparing the process of finding an apartment to finding a potential love interest online.

“Let’s say a woman is searching for a man on a dating site,” Liebman said. “Every guy says the same thing: they’re in great shape, have a wonderful head of hair and are financially well off. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a best friend who knows all these guys who can say, ‘Oh yeah, he’s financially well off because he lives with his mother and that great head of hair is a toupee.’ Every apartment is going to be described as something great. What you really need is someone who’s going to navigate this for you.”

Liebman also chatted to the Times about her longevity as Corcoran’s chief: “The funniest part of my story is that when I first interviewed with Barbara Corcoran she said to me, ‘You know, Pam, I really like you, but you don’t seem like the type that’s going to stick around very long.’ So here I am, some 27 years later,” she said. [NYT]Katherine Clarke