Work resumes at WTC site

Site saw massive flooding in Hurricane Sandy's wake
November 02, 2012 10:00AM

Governor Andrew Cuomo said work would commence immediately at Ground Zero, despite the fact that the site was flooded earlier this week during Hurricane Sandy, he announced at a press conference yesterday evening. While there were 15 to 20 feet of water at the site three days ago, everything is now “dry and in working order,” the New York Observer reported.

“Water was cascading into the site from every imaginable angle, at such a decibel level, it was disorienting,” Cuomo said of the situation earlier. “The entire site was flooded.” 

But due to a massive pumping effort by the Army Corps of Engineers, the site has been cleared, the Observer said.

Cuomo indicated that they thought the effort would take two or three weeks, but recovery was faster than anticipated, although the site still doesn’t have power. “Work will recommence tonight on the site,” he said yesterday, “and you’ll see light on again at the site.” [NYO] —Guelda Voien