Landlords demand rent in buildings left uninhabitable by Sandy, real estate mogul lists two mansions for $78 million each … and more

November 05, 2012 08:00AM

1. Landlords demand rent in buildings left uninhabitable by Sandy [Curbed]
2. Real estate mogul Don Abbey lists two mansions for $78 million a piece [Forbes]
3. South of Power (SoPo) t-shirts sold for Sandy relief [Selfless Tee]
4. America’s most affordable private island lists for just $120,000 [Daily Mail]
5. There is gold beneath the streets of Lower Manhattan, but should the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reconsider where it’s stored after Sandy? [Businessweek]
6. Shaquille O’Neal drops $235k on suburban Orlando house, near his 70,000-square-foot mansion [TMZ]
7. Sandy gives roofing company a record week [Businessweek]
8. Actor Hayden Christensen lists Studio City home for $2.65 million [LA Times, 2nd item]
9.  Co-working spaces flower post-Sandy [Businessweek]
10. Artist considers impact of global warming on NYC with High Water Line project [New Yorker]
11. Statue of Liberty closed indefinitely due to Sandy flooding [Gothamist]
12. N.J. beach towns vow to rebuild [CNBC]
13. Businesses surrounding Goldman Sachs’s headquarters at 200 West Street kept power through the storm [NYT]
14. Pictures from the recovery effort on Staten Island [Buzzfeed]
15.Verizon faces complicated network repairs following Sandy [Huffington Post]
16. 9/11 Museum saw five feet of water [NYT]