Who won the election? Ask the Empire State Building, Scorsese’s pricey penthouse film shoot … and more

November 06, 2012 05:00PM

1. The Empire State Building may know the presidential election results before you do [CNN]
2. Fire Island residents will get a chance to return home, albeit briefly, next weekend [Curbed]
3. Structural damage precludes 47 New York City public schools from reopening tomorrow [MikeBloomberg.com]
4. Post-Sandy, insurers could face an onslaught of lawsuits [Crain’s]
5. In case you were worried: The “Jersey Shore” house is safe in Sandy’s wake [AOL]
6. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey spent Monday filming Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” inside a luxury penthouse in Midtown East. All in all, the three-week shoot reportedly cost producers $725,000 [Business Insider]
7. JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon’s parents have a new Park Avenue abode [NYO]
8. Ecuador plans to erect a mile-high skyscraper to be called “Tower of the Sun” [NYDN]
9. Obama’s record on housing policy [AOL]
10. Union Square greenmarket heads north to Madison Square [Gothamist]
11. The L Train tunnel is dry, but service remains suspended [NYO]
12. Surveying Sandy’s damage, tree by tree, in Ditmas Park [NYO]
13. Food trucks provide post-storm relief [Gothamist]
14. When a building becomes a musical instrument [Finance & Commerce]
15. Dream of being an American mayor? It’s gonna cost you [Atlantic Cities]