NYC residents seek out storm-resistant homes

November 15, 2012 11:30AM

Following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, which has left thousands of residents and office tenants displaced, some interested clients are looking to invest in hurricane-resistant, self-sufficient safe houses just outside of the city, Forbes reported.

Nancy Horowitz, a Halstead Property broker in the Hudson Valley said that she’s received a sudden flurry of emails from downstate dwellers who are looking for a stronger home away from water.

In Copake in Columbia County, 12 lots are being developed by prefab builder Blu Homes. There’s currently a $1.6 model home that has a heavy-gauge steel frame and a roof made of metal — good protection against strong winds.

But Forbes did its own research and found a group of homes that are made of strong material and can also generate power from solar panels, wind and geothermal sources — making them less likely to be impacted by power outages. Their prices range from $799,000 to $13 million. [Forbes]Zachary Kussin