East 57th Street condo owner sues over raw sewage “gushing” into her apartment

December 11, 2012 11:00AM

Interior designer Celeste Cooper yesterday filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming that raw sewage has been pouring into her apartment, the New York Post reported. Cooper, who is suing her condominium board and a neighbor, is alleging that the sewage enters her unit at 325 East 57th Street from the ceiling and has caused thousands of dollars in damage.

“It’s not just dribbling down the wall,” Cooper, who is seeking more than $700,000 in damages, told the Post. “It’s torrents gushing into buckets.”

Cooper alleges that the culprit is her upstairs neighbor, a woman named Diane Friedman. Friedman, however, says the problem stems from her guest bathroom and is not her fault.

The problem is three years in the making. Sewage has come into Cooper’s kitchen and living room more than 10 times in that time span, the suit alleges. The damage causes “unsightly stains” and “unsanitary” living conditions, Cooper is claiming.

Cooper says the condominium board has not addressed her complaints in a timely fashion. [NYP]Zachary Kussin