Hand-drawn New York maps, the science behind the Low Line … and more

December 11, 2012 05:00PM

1. Mapping NYC, by hand [Business Insider]
2. Vice’s Motherboard channel looks at the science behind the so-called Low Line [Motherboard]
3. Sunshine Theatre says plan to sell alcohol is key to cinema staying put on the Lower East Side [Lo-Down]
4. Elsewhere on the Lower East Side, the Landmarks votes to advance bid to preserve the Bialystoker Nursing Home building [Lo-Down]
5. Developer of Bushwick’s Chelsea Market-like venue hopes to attract a hostel or an indie movie theater tenant [Curbed]
6. NYPD commish on hand for Harlem Applebee’s opening. But why? [Gothamist]
7. The media-monitoring firm Meltwater signs for 11,000 square feet near Bryant Park [Crain’s]
8. Meanwhile, software start-up Urban Compass finds a Soho sublet [Crain’s]
9. Construction boom predicted in India [NYT]
10. Top Obama housing advisor heads to Wells Fargo [WSJ]
11. And Wells Fargo settlement over bubble-era lending practices is challenged in court [LA Times]
12. Goldman Sachs $1.85B loan for a once-distressed portfolio of Hawaii hotels is major boon for islands’ hospitality industry [Bloomberg News]
13. Watch Norman Foster make his pitch for 425 Park Avenue [Curbed]