Spire climbs 1 WTC, Park Slope’s most impressive listings … and more

December 12, 2012 05:00PM

1. First piece of 1 WTC spire climbs ground zero tower [NYO]
2. Park Slope’s most impressive listings [FIPS]
3. World’s best gingerbread houses (and brownstones and trailer parks and stadiums) [BuzzFeed]
4. In Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Eagle offices turned condos have hit the market; prices range from $3.4 million to nearly $5 million [Curbed]
5. Goldman Sachs plans to hire its next chief from within, Lloyd Blankfein says [Bloomberg News]
6. Amid rezoning plans, are these 17 old Midtown buildings worth saving? [NYO]
7. Cobble Hill’s “Mosaic House” [Curbed]
8. REIT investors have President Eisenhower to thank for their dividends [Housing Wire]
9. China is loaning Miami-based lender a whopping $1.7 billion to finance massive housing developments in San Francisco [World Property Channel]
10. Some 93% of young adults plan on buying a home one day, a new survey shows [Trulia]
11. But those so-called millennials may be in for a rude awakening [Business Insider]
12. In Laguna Beach, Calif., Villa Rockledge — literally on a rock’s ledge — to hit auction block, with a minimum bid of $10.5 million [Curbed]
13. There are lots of cheap Airbnb rentals in Williamsburg [DNAinfo]
14. Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath, to open next week in NYC [New Scientist]