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Brooklyn civic groups call on Ratner to aid borough’s transit issues

December 13, 2012 12:30PM

Forest City Ratner should pay subway fares for Barclays Center patrons, as promised, as well as ferry service from New Jersey to Fulton Ferry, a new Brooklyn transportation report argues. City Councilwoman Letitia James, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign and three local civic groups released the “Brooklyn gateway transportation vision,” arguing for congestion pricing, residential parking permits and more bike lanes, specifically around the stadium, Capital New York reported.

“Existing traffic and parking congestion, demands on transit service and dangerous roads for cyclists and pedestrians already pose hurdles for residents, businesses and the environment,” the report said. “The opening of Barclays Center in September 2012 has further compounded these challenges.”

The report argues that the New York City Department of Transportation might further interfere with the neighborhood’s already congested streets, especially once the Atlantic Yards development gets underway.

Ratner recently backed off a $741 million tax lawsuit filed against the city by Brooklyn Events Center, a subsidiary of Ratner’s, as previously reported. [Capital NY] –Hayley Kaplan


  • mflocks

    Yes please and while Forest City is at it can you pay for my commute to work? When does the madness stop? This was urban blight and train tracks. You now have a beautiful iconic piece of architecture anchoring in case the Counsilwoman hasnt noticed one of the biggest revitalizations in the countrys history. If it wasnt for the risk Bruce Ratner took some 20 years ago the corner of Jay and Myrtle in my guess would still be a horribe drug corner. There would be no Marriott there would be no Atlantic Terminal. Wake up councilwoman. People need jobs Mr. Ratner creates them. You all I see is a woman standing on a soap box. What is your job initiative program Ms. James?

    • Carlos Danger

      mflocks, considering the taxpayer was already given this guy hundreds of millions of dollars to build this atrocity it would be the least he could do.

      Unfortunately, you’re too obsessed with trying to identify yourself with the wealthy to view this project with any degree of reason. You view those looking to get a piece of the economic action (which was given to him at the expense of many) as moochers while his subsidies are no doubt, “public investments in urban revitalization” in your mind.

      So far every aspect of the “revitalization” that you’ve named seems to be aimed at a certain class of people without any degree of consideration for the wishes and desires of the actual residents of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, your vision of “revival” has nothing to do with organic improvement and has everything to do with displacing one group for a more desired other.

      Also, you conviniently forget that just about every aspect of this project has been neglected except the area – where is the affordable housing? Where are the 17,000 jobs? At best, this project has brought a handful of seasonal jobs paying minimum wage while rents are undoubtably rising across the area as the word spreads that the area is “improving”. What a disgrace.