National chains on the upswing in NYC

Dunkin' Donuts could become first store with 500 city locations
December 17, 2012 12:00PM

The national retail chain presence in New York City is on the upswing, according to the Center for an Urban Future, which cites a new study — in which some 310 chain stores were surveyed — increased 2.4 percent, year-over-year, to 7,190 stores from 7,019. This is the fifth consecutive year to see a net increase in national chains across the city’s five boroughs.

The year-over-year gain marks a rise from the last year-over-year tally, when a 1.8 percent gain was seen between 2010 and 2011. In addition, fewer retailers contracted year-over-year: 23.5 percent of retailers reduced their footprints, whereas 31 percent did the previous year.

Dunkin’ Donuts came out on top with a year-over-year gain of 18 stores. The retailer now has 484 stores in the city, and is close to becoming the first national chain with 500 city stores. But this year, Dunkin’ Donuts’ lead over Subway contracted. Year-over-year, Subway added a total of 24 stores and brought its city tally to 454.

Starbucks paced ahead of cell phone retailer Metro PCS to take third place. The coffee shop added nine stores in the past year and now has a total city presence of 272 stores, 200 of which are in Manhattan.

Another chain highlighted in the report was 7-Eleven, which has been on an expansion streak as of late. The retailer added 16 stores this year, bringing its new total to 98. — Zachary Kussin