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Goldman’s BLDG continues spree with $40.8 million Canal Street purchase

By Zachary Kussin | December 18, 2012 02:00PM

Updated at 5:15 p.m.

Lloyd Goldman’s BLDG Management purchased a 10,620-square-foot, three-story commercial property located at 178 Canal Street for $40.8 million, according to city public records filed today. The deed shows a Dec. 3 date of sale.

Reached by phone, Goldman said the property will remain commercial. A Chase bank location has the lease and is the site’s largest tenant. There are other tenants at the property, but Goldman declined to comment on them as well as Chase’s lease, saying he does not offer information on his tenants.

“I’m very happy I bought it,” said Goldman of the structure, built in 1958. “Canal Street is an exciting location — if you look around, there are a lot of banks in the neighborhood.”

Goldman has been on a purchasing spree this year. In February, he bought an Upper East Side retail space for $13 million; in March, he bought the retail component of the Yves Chelsea for $6.6 million, and he closed on a 941 Park Avenue penthouse co-op for himself, paying $13.8 million. Most recently, he shelled out $11.9 million for a three-story Soho building at 102 Greene Street.

Landmark Realty LLC Previously Owned The Canal Street building, which is located at Mott Street — a bustling pedestrian area. Public records show that Landmark purchased it for $16.2 million in the summer of 2007.

As The Real Deal previously reported, Michael DeCheser, Nick Petkoff and Philip Huang of Massey Knakal had marketed the property in 2010.

The off-market deal was brokered by Lance Steinberg, president of Raber Enterprises, LLC, a property management firm. Steinberg said the Massey Knakal listing was pulled off the market.

The property had a $41 million asking price.

Both Landmark Realty LLC and Run 178 LLC are listed as the sellers.

  • andy furgis

    its to bad the owner of BLDG Lloyd goldmen really doesn’t care about his employees at his apartment buildings with loads of his employees that work at his residential buildings coming up with symptoms caused by sick building syndrome. such as E.M.F radiation poisoning from bad wiring witch has been linked to cancer and stroke high blood pressure and leukemia. and pore and substandard old duct work that holds in some cases 90 years of black molds and other bacteria’s that will harm anyone weather you are an employee or one of his tenants. some of these employees have taken sick and in some cases had stroke and cancers but could not be linked to BLDG’s pore sub standard lack of building maintenance and the lackadaisical attitude of the managing agent when you bring it to there attention rather then take care of the problem they will try to evict the tenant or if an employee try’s to bring it up to the managing agent or the super they will often be fired this has been an on going investigation as i worked in a few of Lloyd’s buildings and found that the number one person who has been at the top of the cover ups have been the vice president of residential Micky napalitano shame shame on you putting money before the health and well being of your tenants and employees you should be jailed ? again and that is another story