Can Related’s Ross make 11th Avenue chic?, real estate litigation to watch in 2013 … and more

January 02, 2013 08:00AM

1. Can Related’s Stephen Ross make 11th Avenue a chic address? A look at his career suggests that he might be able to [NYO]
2. The real estate lawsuits to watch in 2013 [Law360]
3. London’s Canary Wharf is set to see 20 acres of luxury housing [WSJ]
4. Book on the East Village staple and New York City’s oldest Irish pub, McSorley’s Old Ale House, to hit shelves in 2014 [NYO]
5. A look at the most innovative and grinchiest real estate deals of the year [NYP]
6. Russian middle class draws new wave of shopping mall development [NYT]
7. A former Wall Streeter, displaced by the financial crisis, now drives a cab, but he still has finance and real estate on his mind [NYP]
8. An interview with Pei Partnership Architects co-founder Li Chung Pei [NYT]
9. A TD Bank has leased the former Mars Bar site on the Lower East Side, which is now home to a 12-story apartment tower developed by Donald Capoccia’s BFC Partners [NYP, 2nd item]
10. Vacant parking lot at 79 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side lists for $4.5 million [Bowery Boogie]
11. Celebrities around Southampton in 2012 [Southampton Patch]