Who are Halstead agents wearing?

January 03, 2013 12:00PM

In the real estate game, the important question is not just who you know — it’s also who you’re wearing. And for Halstead Property agents, the aim is to achieve a clean and polished look to match their clients, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“If someone decides to put a $20 million or $30 million home on the market, they want to know that I fit in to the experience of showing and promoting the property,” Eva Penson, a Halstead vice president and salesperson, told the Journal. “When I open the door, I am the first one potential buyers see.”

In a photograph, Penson wears a Donna Karan top, Wolford skirt, fishnet stockings and Gucci shoes.

Charlie Homet, photographed in a Savile Row suit, told the Journal he likens the experience of buying a home to purchasing a Maserati. “If you’re talking about a $2 million or a $5 million apartment, the person representing the property has to look and dress a certain way,” he said. “It’s just respect.”

Although agents at Halstead’s Park Avenue headquarters are not allowed to wear jeans, it’s not always prim and proper fashion. Halstead’s Brooklyn Heights office permits its brokers to don their denim. Terrence Le Ray, a Brooklyn-based Halstead executive vice president and broker, wears G-Star jeans, complimented with John Varvatos shoes, a Breitling watch and a jacket and shirt from Spanish retailer Zara.

“A lot of my clients dress the same way I do,” he told the Journal. “People do business with people they like.” [WSJ]Zachary Kussin