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Is 2013 the year of the real estate boom?: VIDEO

January 07, 2013 03:00PM

This year will be the year of the real estate boom, according to Rapid Realty CEO Anthony Lolli, who appeared on Fox Business today. When should buyers make a move? “It’s now or never,” he said. And why? “There’s more houses on the market that are legitimately on the market,” he explained, adding that there is greater consumer confidence than in the past, and banks are more forthcoming with regards to lending.

Before, it would take a househunter three years to shop around and then eventually buy, whereas now, the turnaround happens in six months to a year, he said. In addition, Rapid Realty, known as a rental brokerage, is booming with sales, he said.

Additionally, the momentum of foreign investments in the market will cause the economy — and the housing sector — to reboot. [Fox]Zachary Kussin

  • no-permits

    i think they should have made it clear that they were talking about downtown brooklyn and manhattan.

  • jimendress

    His company has the worst reputation in the city.