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McCarren’s “Hipster Lake” to be gone by summer

The giant puddle in front of McCarren Park, known to many as “Hipster Lake,” will be gone by the summer, reported.

The $930,000 construction project, funded by City Councilmember Stephen Levin, includes renovating pathways to prevent flooding at the park’s entryway.

“Council Member Levin has allocated a total of $930,000 for path work at McCarren Park,” a Parks Department spokeperson, Meghan Lalor, told DNAinfo. “The funding is intended to improve both entrances along North 12th Street and the Bedford Avenue/Lorimer Street entrance, as well as the deteriorated pathways that connect these entrances.”

Portions of the park have been fenced off recently as the renovations began. [DNAinfo] –Hayley Kaplan 

  • Joshua

    Please remember that this project was funded by NYC government (your tax dollars) and not by any particular city councilmember. Yes, a city councilmember may have made available some funds they controlled, but it’s tax money and not the councilmember’s money! You and I paid for it. Let’s not give more credit than the credit that’s due.