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Mark David phases out operations as co-founders move to Town Residential

Town to interview boutique firm's nearly 70 agents
By Katherine Clarke | January 23, 2013 11:45AM

The boutique real estate firm Mark David & Company will be winding down its business and closing out all remaining deals in the next several weeks following news that its co-founders, CEO Mark David Fromm and COO Claudia Saez-Fromm, have joined Andrew Heiberger’s expanding brokerage, Town Residential. Fromm and Saez-Fromm, both of whom will be senior vice presidents at Town, made the announcement to their team this morning, agents told The Real Deal.

Heiberger told The Real Deal that the two Mark David founders had sought out a partnership with Town in order to better leverage its sales acumen. Mark David has been primarily known as a rental brokerage, he said. “This is a decision of strength,” he said, “not of weakness.”

Town’s Director of Operations Matthew Van Damm said the firm will meet with each of Mark David’s agents to “determine the best course of action.” Some agents will be recruited to Town, while others, particularly those who are interested in specializing in rentals, will be assisted in their search for spots at other firms.  A decision about the brokerage’s physical office at 560 Broadway, which totals 4,000 square feet, has not yet been made. A spokesperson for Town said the move was not an acquisition.

According to its website, Mark David has nearly 70 agents. As well as residential sales, the company also has investment sales and commercial leasing divisions. “In their 10 years at the helm of Mark David & Company, Mark and Claudia created an impressive local presence throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, from the ground up,” Heiberger said.“Today, they boast an incredible book of business with an extensive relationship network.”

Mark David Fromm will be based out of Town’s Astor Place office, while Claudia Saez-Fromm will work out of the company’s Flatiron District office. The married duo founded Mark David in 2003, according to its website. They declined to comment on what their move would mean for agents at Mark David.

  • jeffreyc48w

    “This is a decision of strength,” he said, “not of weakness.” — That’s funny.

  • JCF

    Sad. Really sad…for Town Residential.

  • Guest

    “They declined to comment on what their move would mean for agents at Mark David”. It means that once again after churning and burning them Mark and Claudia are throwing them under the bus. Claudia will never work an honest day in RE seeing as she has no valid NYS license to do so. Pitiful.

  • Former Client

    what a horrible firm that scammed lots of New Yorkers and now will ruin Town’s image for good

  • Guest

    Horrible Brokers that don’t care about their agents but their commissions. AVOID them at all cost and now avoid Town Residential!!!!!

    • I AM CLAW

      they are the scum of the earth

  • Agent J

    How can Town hire someone who not only ran his company into the ground, but surprised most of his agents with only 2 days notice (and hasn’t paid them yet, either). Won’t even get into Town hiring Claudia when she hasn’t been licensed as an agent for over 5 years, and never did a sale deal, period. It’s very interesting and telling that they’re going to different offices. If they’re such a great and strong team, wouldn’t you think they’d continue to work together?

  • CB1

    @Agent J: Actually, Claudia has been licensed since December….. at Town Residential (according to the Department of State). That means that mark and Claudia KNEW what was going to happen back in (at least) the beginning of December so she could get her license, they just didn’t tell their agents till january 23rd, when the news was hitting the Real Deal. Mark, on the other hand, is still licensed at Mark David & co., because it will take weeks before his change of association shows up on the Department of State site.. Nice way to throw your agents under the bus!! “Just keep quite for 2 months, and we can tell them it was all sudden…”

  • Eve

    How the mighty have fallen. Karma?

    I worked with them before Mark opened his office. Claudia should NOT work with people as her people skills are nil and she by far one of the worst agents on the planet. Mark was a good agent and he was a really nice guy until he got mixed up with her. All she does is spend his money. Blood sucker. How on earth is he going to keep her in all those luxuries? He may need a second job. Poor Mark.

  • Claw

    Claw ran the company into the ground. She has no connects and that is why she has no listings on her page. She and Marc made $62k per year after expenses and robbing everyone. They paid for the office with money from Claw slipping and falling in a Wendys.