Miraval residents claim luxe property is a farce

February 04, 2013 03:30PM

A husband and wife who live at the condominums formerly known as Miraval Living have filed a $5.5 million suit alleging the development more closely resembles a construction site than the luxury spa from which it borrows its name, the New York Post reported. Located at 515 East 72nd Street near York Avenue, Miraval Living mirrors its image and mission after the Miraval spa in Arizona and is billed as “New York’s first and only private residential resort,” the Post said.

Anthony Argyrides, co-founder of Veziris Ventures, a biotech investment firm, along with his wife, Antonia Rigopoulos, filed the suit, alleging the condominium building to be a “virtual war zone of construction, malfunctioning elevators and faulty plumbing.”

Promised amenities allegedly included ballroom dancing, yoga classes and cooking classes. The couple claims that the building was “devoid of all the services, programs, luxuries and amenities that were represented to justify the ultra-premium price.”

The two bought their unit for $1.7 million in 2008.

The couple reportedly still lives there, where they say the front door has fallen off its hinges, nearly hitting Verizon FiOS workers, and where there are defective floor tiles.

This isn’t the first suit at the property. As The Real Deal previously reported, the former project manager alleged in a suit that the sponsors failed to pay him nearly $500,000 in salary, bonuses and commissions after he was terminated.

A property spokesperson did not respond to the Post’s request for comment. [Post]Zachary Kussin