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NYC pols give Moinian an ‘F’ on landlord report card

February 06, 2013 03:00PM

A group of elected officials and union workers has given the Moinian Group a failing grade when it comes to the company’s landlord and development operations, the New York Observer reported. The so-called report card faults Moinian with failed relationships with tenants, vendors and workers, and the group is holding a rally today near City Hall to bring awareness to the issue.

“It’s going to be rowdy — we’re expecting hundreds of people,” Jessica Ramos, a spokesperson for Build Up NYC, one of the groups in charge of the event, told the Observer. “We want to create public support and awareness for them to be a responsible developer and build buildings with good jobs that actually help the economy.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Comptroller John Liu and 32BJ SEIU Vice President Shirley Aldebol are expected to attend the rally.

Moinian has allegedly defaulted on hundreds of millions of dollars in loans on nationwide properties, racked up safety violations, failed to pay millions of dollars in fees and bills to vendors and contractors, paid low wages, and provided improper maintenance and repair to buildings, the report card said.

As previously reported, Moinian faces a class action suit over its response to Hurricane Sandy at its 1 West Street rental property.

Moinian did not immediately respond to the Observer’s request for comment. [NYO]Zachary Kussin

  • George

    i had worked for Moinian at several of his Financial District rental properties a few summers ago. I was responsible for renting + renewing between 40-50 apartments in his portfolio over a 3 month period. During this period, they refused to pay me a salary and kept me on minimum wage saying I still had to “prove myself”. Paychecks for employees at 1 West Street bounced for 3 straight weeks which resulted in one of the Porter’s not being able to send his kids to summer camp among several other issues. That same weekend, Joe was spotted drinking a $50K bottle of champagne at brunch. A fraction of that bottle could have paid all of his employees or those three weeks the checks bounced. After three months of successful renting and still no raise to a salary from minimum wage, I left the company and it was the greatest decision of my career.

  • Pookieeileen

    Brian Roseman the asset manager who worked there was a real nasty man. I too had the unfortunate experience of working at The Ocean for very little money. A few days before my health insurance was suppose to start, this Brian decides to fire me. If I every see him again, I will spit in his face.

  • Working man

    I have worked with Moinian Group and find them to be tough but at end f the day, decent.

  • natasha

    These people are professional crooks. They lied to a lot of people at 20 West Street in Manhattan, in order to sell apartments in the building. They told me personally (and ALL people who have high ceilings) that we can do anything we want with the space – such as building an additional living space upstairs. I also heard they were telling people that terraces are going to be their personal ones.

    After people purchased the apartments and moved in, the reality hit: NO, we could NOT build “anything we wanted” in our own space, and the terraces were not personal.

    There was a law suit, but it didn’t go anywhere because all the promises were verbal.

    I just wanted the world to know.

    Unit owner at 20 west Street NYC