City ups taxes on Sandy-hit homeowners

February 11, 2013 09:30AM

The city is raising taxes on homeowners in several parts of Brooklyn that were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, the New York Post reported.

Homeowners in waterfront enclaves Manhattan Beach, Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, the Rockaways and parts of Staten Island were shocked to hear the city’s claims that property values have shot up in the area, despite the storm’s effects.

“This is totally insensitive and heartless,” Ira Zalcman, president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group, told the Post. He added that the group has received more than 30 complaints from residents about the hikes.

Some of these owners have yet to move back into their homes, which faced severe damage in the storm. The tax hikes come in the wake of post-Sandy efforts by the city and state to relieve the financial burden on thousands of homeowners, as previously reported, including a move in December to extend property tax payment deadlines for 3,000 homeowners.

Councilman Michael Nelson, whose district includes Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, called the tax hikes “heartless” and “something the city must immediately remedy.”

“Common sense dictates their property values have fallen, if not plummeted in some cases,” he told the Post. [NYP]Hiten Samtani