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Barclays Center not the job creator promised?

February 15, 2013 03:30PM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg highlighted the 2,000 jobs created by the Barclays Center in his State of the City speech yesterday, but the bulk of these positions are part-time and without benefits, DNAinfo reported. In fact, only 100 are full-time. However, most Barclays Center employees are union members of SEIU 32BJ, according to Forest City Ratner spokesperson Ashley Cotton. “There are no health benefits because they’re part-time employees,” Cotton told DNAinfo. “However, we feel, and hopefully they do too, that there’s a benefit to being part of a union.”

Broken down, roughly 200 workers are on the housekeeping staff, 800 are in facilities management and 900 work for Levy Restaurants, which handles concessions.

In the State of the City address, the mayor noted that about 30 percent of the center’s employees live in public housing. Overall, 75 percent of total employees are Brooklyn residents. [DNAinfo]Zachary Kussin

  • Ya think? Atlantic Yards was promised as 10K office jobs and 15K construction jobs. The first number was based on four office towers, three of which are off the table, the fourth indefinitely delayed. The second was based on conventional construction and a full buildout. Modular construction will lower the compensation and likely the total number of construction workers, and a full buildout remains in question.

    More here:

    Next, how about TRD looking into the free city property Forest City Ratner got from Bloomberg:

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      Get a life Norman.
      Because of the likes of you and holdout/sellout Goldstein, the project was delayed 7 yrs. Meanwhile economy tanks, so what u expect. At least the place is not the rat pit it once was, and gave u a reason to be, albeit a pathetic one.

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    what do you mean by streetbed in your free land article.

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      answer me, norm.

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    Can we do an investor visa audit and revoke all of the investor visas except those for the 100 jobs?