A new look for the East River waterfront

March 14, 2013 11:30AM

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A big revamp is on tap for a chunk of Manhattan’s East River waterfront and now there are new renderings of what the project could look like, Curbed reported.

The East River Blueway, proposed Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, would span the Brooklyn Bridge and 38th Street; WXY Architecture + Design is overseeing the aesthetics.

The three-and-half-mile project aims to improve the “habitat and water quality — to bring in more birds and fish — and how to slow down the water speed in the river, ” WXY’s Claire Weisz said.

To meet those environmental goals, the team has designed wetlands that will increase water filtration, slow down the river and decrease waves, she said.

“We want very much to open the waterfront from a recreation perspective, but we also want to protect our fragile waterfront from Mother Nature by recognizing the reality of storm surges,” Stringer told the New York Times last month. “What’s novel here is that we actually remedy some of the issues with storm surges through amenity enhancements for the public,” by planting trees and setting certain areas aside as marshland. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron

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