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New boutique hotel coming to Gowanus

Gowanus Inn & Yard will have 82 rooms and is being developed by restaurateur Abramcyk
March 14, 2013 08:30AM

Restaurateur Matt Abramcyk is raising funds for a new boutique hotel in Gowanus, Capital New York reported. The four-story, 82-room hotel will be at 645 Union Street, between Third and Fourth avenues, and will be named Gowanus Inn & Yard, according to an investor memo seen by Capital New York. The memo calls for a $13 million project slated to be completed in 2015, and asks for a further $2.25 million capital infusion. 

Partnering with Abramcyk – best known for Smith & Mills, Super Linda and the Carter Beatrice Inn – is Alec Shtromandel, who was also behind the 43-room Union Hotel on nearby DeGraw Street. The hotel has a third developer, who was not identified.

“The Abramcyk Group is…responsible for the design of all private and public spaces as well as food & beverage development,” the memo goes on to say. “With many years of experience in both restaurant and bar design as well as operational development, it is anticipated that Matt Abramcyk will also serve as a principal of the food & beverage entity which will operate all the hotel’s public spaces.”

Abramcyk declined to comment to Capital New York.

Gowanus is on the fast track to gentrification, with several new hotels and residential projects sprouting up and many others in the pipeline, as The Real Deal previously reported. [Capital New York]  – Hiten Samtani

  • fatladysings

    Is this a joke? Abramcyk copied his neighbor’s loft above Smith & Mills who is a famous architect, operator and designer. Its turns out the Smith & Mills entire business is illegal. Smith & Mills is operating on a fraud Certificate of Occupancy by falsely claiming his neighbor’s 5000 square foot loft of 30 years was “permanently vacant, boilers and packaging” since Smith & Mills is obstructs the secondary egress for both buildings combined above them who are in the neighbor’s attached 199 square foot single car garage which presents a known fire hazard so no one can live above him.

    4 months after the City inspector issued Smith & Mills a fraud C of O they started a fire. He sued his neighbor with a story that belongs in the movie to prevent the City from investigating what turns out is an illegal business. Matt Abramcyk was caught lying to the judge begining to end and the case was dismissed and not a single record adds up across the board.

    Who would lend him 2 cents? His lawyer David Jaroslawicz’s records were then seized in the Anna Gristina Madam scandal by the Corruption Unit over similar illegal business via real estate holdings hiding behind similar faux llc’s for Abramcyk as Anna Gristina. Who would involve themselves in money laundering via illegal businesses for all the tea in China when this kid couldnt tell the truth or be trusted to save his life? He is a front for EMM.

  • 385 Greenwich

    Dear Real Deal,

    This is a story about a real estate broker’s son who was hired to empty 28 buildings illegally in a 200 million dollar fraud scheme. Smith & Mills is in our attached single car garage of our 8 bedroom loft since 1983 operating on a invalid Certificate of Occupancy by falsely claiming our loft was “permanently vacant, boilers & packaging”. Smith & Mills is an illegal business. Smith & Mills is obstructing the secondary means of egress for 6000 square feet with a Partial Petition for a 199 square foot illegal bar. This presented a known fire hazard long before Abramcyk applied for illegal licenses which has been tied up on the Supreme Court since 2007.

    We caught Smith & Mills stealing our power grand theft shorting out all our lines above them, who caused our ceilings to fall in from their equipment on the roof, who were cooking in a space that isn’t vented ruining everything above them, who removed our 2nd fire exit and finally started a fire. Matt Abramcyk started another fire above The Roc costing those neighbors $200,000 in damage. Abramcyk was evacuated at 287 Broadway at the Pizza Café in the same owner’s buildings. Super Linda had big red X’s because these buildings were no longer safe. The neighbors had the same troubles at 77 Warren and Tiny’s because nothing the owners did in all these buildings south of Canal after 9/11 is even legal. Now Century Realty burnt their offices down at 140 Fulton. 5 more families were forced to the streets at 138 Fulton. There is nothing romantic about this story.

    Their lawyer David Jaroslawicz’s records were seized in the Anna Gristina Madam scandal on Mar 17, 2012 where the ADA claims there’s evidence of money laundering via real estate holdings via similar illegal businesses, where all the LLC’s for Gristina’s brothels trace back to David Jaroslawicz just like Matt Abramcyk’s. Century Realty put 28 buildings on the market on Mar 17, 2012 for 200 million dollars after 40 years who absolutely refuse to sell a thing.

    Smith & Mills is a copy of our 8 bedroom loft color for color, industrial mix, exposed light bulbs, where even the floors were beaten to mimic our floor above them. The same is true of Tiny’s. Matt Abramcyk brought designers in to copy our loft. It is outrageous he would claim otherwise. Matt Abramcyk is no more a “scenester” than a “night – life taste maker”. Furthermore, what he has done is totally illegal.

    We just don’t celebrate fraud in this country.

    The Neighbors at 385 Greenwich aka 71 N Moore