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City Planning approves Lightstone’s massive Gowanus development

March 19, 2013 02:00PM

The City Planning Commission yesterday approved Lightstone Group’s plan to build a 700-unit rental development at 363-365 Bond Street on the Gowanus Canal, the developer said. The agency granted Lightstone permission to build on an as-of-right basis, finding the project complied with a 2009 rezoning of the area. Lightstone had previously proposed a modification to the plan, prompting several groups to question whether a more stringent review process was necessary.

One of them was the Brooklyn Law School Community Development Clinic, which argued that the modifications were sufficient to warrant a seven-month city review under the Uniform Land Use Review Process, citing changes to the number of units, parking entrance locations and building heights.

Due to the community concerns, Lightstone said it decided to pursue an as-of-right development, keeping floor area and uses, number of units, and number of parking spaces consistent with the previous design. However, the project will have an additional 2,955 square feet of open public space.

The plan also includes measures to address flooding concerns: the lowest occupied floors will be 11 feet off the ground, and electrical and mechanical equipment will be elevated as well.

“We view this development as an enormous opportunity to transform a neglected waterfront resource into a lively component of a thriving residential community with an abundant cultural and recreational life,” Lightstone CEO and Chairman David Lichtenstein said in the release.

Construction is slated to begin later this year. —Zachary Kussin

  • joe

    Why are they showing the old Toll Brother drawings which they don’t intend to build?

  • LeighKampingCarder

    Hi Joe, thanks for the comment. That is the latest rendering.

  • JosieSee

    Is this by the Grecco cement yard. I cannot see how they can expect to make these rendering real. That water taxi is not possible unless the canal is widened: is eminent domain in the forefront to again line the pockets of this already private sector rich man. It seems that this is the law is being manipulated for making wealthy people wealthier. Main street rights are being buried with the soil dug out of these places.