The Real Deal New York

Meet the landlord: Margaret Streicker Porres

By Katherine Clarke | March 27, 2013 10:30AM

  • Jimmyreal estate

    I think she forgot to mention that her dad is one of the biggest landlords in the USA in her response to question 3.

    • anonymous

      her company is a subsidiary of daddy’s company. Also, she’s a complete slumlord

  • truth

    Despite her constant efforts to varnish her persona…she is still an exploitive and abusive person

  • Real estate genius

    And she’s the worst boss ever. Everyone quits her company every 2 months or she’s fires them when they’re doing a good job. Not a great boss or person in my opinion. Not. Good people person either. Typical wealthy trust fund kid trying to act like she works hard.

  • Irritated Tenant

    This woman is a c-u-n-t. Her company buys rundown slums in Upper Manhattan and makes every discernible effort to throw out long-term rent controlled and rent stablized tenants to replace them with market value tenants. She shuts off gas, heat and hot water in the buildings her organization — NEWCASTLE REALTY SERVICES –owns and then tries to buy rent controlled tenants out at below market rate prices on their apartment. This bitch is the definition of everything that went wrong with New York City real estate and epitomizes raw greed and evil. There’s a special place in hell for a woman like this.