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Atelier condo combo hits market for $85M

April 04, 2013 04:30PM

A block of nine apartments at the Atelier condominium tower in Hell’s Kitchen hit the market today with an asking price of $85 million. If combined as advertised, the units would become a 10,000-square-foot apartment spanning the entire 45th floor at 635 West 42nd Street.

The price includes a $2 million construction credit, according to Curbed, which first spotted the listing.

Combination listings at the 46-story building are relatively common, and many of the units currently for sale are different amalgamations of the same apartments. They could all be purchased for less than $85 million, Curbed noted.

In the past, River 2 River Realty president Dan Neiditch — who lives in the building and presides over the on-site sales office — has brokered deals with owners who weren’t necessarily looking to sell but fell into the right circumstances, as The Real Deal has reported.

For example, this past June, Indian media titan Subhash Chandra began construction on a six-bedroom triplex fashioned out of three condos, including one belonging to Neiditch. Those units, which cost a total of $4.8 million, are on the 42nd, 43rd and 44th floors — or directly below the nine-unit offering.

In this instance, the nine condos appear to belong to different individuals and LLCs.

The Building Boasts A Tennis Court, golf driving range, pool, multimedia lounge and billiards room, gym, basketball courts, free wireless Internet, free daily breakfasts and a crosstown shuttle bus, according to the listing.

Meanwhile, construction is humming along at the Atelier II across the street. An earlier incarnation of the project called for a 57-story condo tower, although it is now planned as a rental. — Leigh Kamping-Carder

  • Doggy World

    There is no greater slime in this business than Neiditch

  • Allen

    Is it weird that I’m excited about this deal? I mean, 10,000 square feet is a lot of room and the combination of the different units is intriguing. the atelier itself is an intriguing building. I waltzed passed it one day and then immediately wanted to know more about it. i found some solid information about it here: along with pictures of the mentioned pool (which is pretty awesome)

  • Cyrah

    This is an obscenity. The city is already suffering from a severe housing shortage, and they’re going to turn living space for fifteen families into two. Furthermore, NOBODY needs a 10,000-square-foot apartment. How about some smaller, reasonably priced apartments for the 98% of the population who won’t make that much money in their entire LIVES? (Full disclosure: the writer of this comment lives in the same neighborhood, in a space of 75 square feet.)

  • Jonny B


    It’s “Dan Bloomberg” the fake nephew of the Mayor

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  • Tom

    Bring back Mayor Bloomberg to NYC office. Dan Neiditch good luck selling.