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432 Park Avenue, visualized in geeky Minecraft game: VIDEO

April 24, 2013 02:00PM

It’s not often that the worlds of video gaming and real estate collide, but when they do, especially on a high-profile project such as 432 Park Avenue, the results are worth the wait. A YouTube timelapse video first spotted by Curbed shows the residential skyscraper — which will be New York City’s tallest — being constructed in Minecraft, a game set in a three dimensional world that is extremely popular among geeks.

Accompanied by music that evokes the coming of the Messiah, the tower rises, bit by bit, to resemble the actual renderings, though several creative liberties are taken. Sales at the 1,396-foot-tower may already have kicked off, but take note, Harry Macklowe, this may be something to add to the marketing books. [YouTube via Curbed] –Hiten Samtani