Lawsuit seeks to block installation of new One57 crane

May 09, 2013 01:00PM

A Midtown co-op is suing to stop Extell Development from installing a new crane boom to the top of its One57 condominium project, which would required a one-day evacuation of the building, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The co-op board of Alwyn Court on 58th Street filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to halt both the crane installation and the evacuation.

The city Department of Buildings ordered the evacuation to begin Friday night and the installation to take place Saturday. The crane has to be raised above two apartment buildings and an office property.

Marc Luxemburg, an attorney for The Alwyn Court board, claims that the DOB lacks the power to order an evacuation on behalf of Extell because there’s no emergency.

Board president Paul Matus told the Journal that his board is negotiating with Extell to Get More Insurance And Compensation For Alwyn Court before the work begins.

As reported, the developer offered up $1,500 to each residence inside the Alwyn as compensation.

“We hope we can work this out amicably to see to the completion of the building,” an Extell spokesperson told the Journal, “as the safest building is a completed building.” [WSJ, 1st item]Zachary Kussin